How to Keep Your Chimney in Top Shape

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If you need work done on your chimney, you've come to the right place. Western New York Chimney and Masonry is a leading provider of chimney services in Hamburg, NY. From minor repairs to complete rebuilds, our crew can do it all. Just let us know what you need, and we'll be happy to help.

Learn a little more about our services

With over 12 years of experience, our lead chimney contractor is prepared to tackle a wide range of tasks. Our most-requested chimney services include:

  • Chimney cleaning - clean out your chimney's interior at least once per year to prevent house fires and health problems
  • Chimney repairs - rely on us to fix your chimney when the mortar deteriorates, the bricks crack or the flue tiles break
  • Chimney replacements - hire us to rebuild your chimney from scratch if it's been damaged beyond repair
  • Chimney restorations - ask us to acid wash, waterproof and repoint your chimney so it looks better than ever
  • Chimney liner installation - line the inside of your chimney to insulate and protect the structure

To find out how much our professional chimney services cost, request a free estimate today.

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Why hire us?

Local homeowners and business owners alike come to our mason for a wide range of reasons. For starters, our professionals offer chimney services that are fast, effective and affordable. We also pride ourselves on leaving every property that we visit cleaner than how we found it.

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